Vendetta is an antagonist in Sillysuperpop. He is a silent, deadly Slenderdick-like villain who is inspired by V for Vendetta. Like Slenderdick, Vendetta first appeared in one of Grim's videos of himself wrestling WWE Wrestling Figures. Unlike Slenderdick, however, Vendetta can teleport, where slender didn't, and Vendetta wears an actual mask, where Slenderdick had a faceless morph suit like costume. Vendetta wears a Guy Fawkes mask, similar to what members of the Anonymous group wear.

HISTORY AND CURRENT ROLE (DELISTED FREE AGENT) Vendetta, like Slenderdick, first appeared by the fence in one of Grim's videos, in which Grim is wrestling 31" wrestling figures (Slender also first appeared in a 31" wrestling figure video). He started wrestling Grim out of nowhere. Not too long afterward, Grim and Duhop tried to fight and defeat Vendetta, but learned that he, just like Slender, is virtually impossible to beat. Vendetta's next appearance was in a video with Grim and Mypalalex, where he appeared, wrestled Grim, and stole Grim's YouTube Wrestling Figures Heavyweight Championship belt. His next appearance was in a rematch video, a one on one between Grim and Vendetta, where Vendetta agreed to fight Grim without teleporting. Grim won, and reclaimed his belt, only to be attacked and have a chaloopa stuffed down his throat by Vendetta at the end of the video. Vendetta is presumed to be a male, but since he has currently not been unmasked, it is unknown what gender he is. He was then seen in the side of the ring in a wrestling video as a bodyguard to Grim, but was taken by the creepy clowns.

After many months of speculation on his whereabouts, Vendetta returned as an entry in the Regal Rumble, and subsequently used occasionally as enhancement talent (AKA Jobber).

In Wrestling Edit

  • Finishing Moves
    • Skull Crushing Finale
  • Signature Moves
    • Knee Drop
    • Low Blow
    • Teleporting

Championships & Accomplishments Edit

GTS Wrestling Edit