Rod and Todd, better known as the Ninja Twins, are long time friends of Grim and Duhop, as well as occasional referees. Grim has stated that they have been friends since childhood, and have been major characters since Grims Toy Show started in 2011. They first started out as heels, often stealing Grim's toys for themselves, as well as acting as scalpers in toy hunt videos, but later turned face after saving Grim from Dr. Jerry Travone and Tony U-Haul.

Sometime in 2015, The Ninja Twins were given the MJ Appleballs YouTube channel, originally potraying a face version of the character, before turning heel and having a short feud with Grim. They then turned face once more after realizing that they were terrible at being heels afterwards, and basically have appeared sparodiclly on the main channel, but still appear fairly often on the Vlog channel.

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