Remembering UNCENSORED SUPERPOP! RIP Tribute to an awesome Grandfather

Remembering UNCENSORED SUPERPOP! RIP Tribute to an awesome Grandfather

Jon Curry Sr, better known as Uncensored Superpop or simply Superpop, was a main protagonist on Grims Toy Show and Grim's grandfather and father of Grim's Mom, they were very close, despite Grim occasionally pranking Superpop in many different ways. Before Ebenezer Mittlesdorf came to be, Superpop was the icon of Grim's channel. Superpop's "name" is even in the channel's name:SillySUPERPOP. He passed away on October 14, 2014 of unknown causes.

PERSONALITY: Superpop is described as a hilarious, memorable, stubborn, foul-mouthed and cranky old man. Despite all this, he loves his family and his grandson, since he and Grim spend a lot of time together. It was mentioned in the vlog about SuperGram's passing that both Superpop and SuperGram would make anybody who wasn't their grandchild feel like their grandchild.


Superpop was in the first ever video on the channel. He was the main subject of Grim's "Uncensored Superpop" videos and "Prankasaurus" videos, and sometimes Superpop would make guest appearances in other videos of Grim's. Fans watched Superpop because of his hilarious personality and, as Grim always joked about, his huge nose. Superpop's last video appearances were Duhop's tribute to Superpop video found on his channel, were Superpop is seen sick in his hospital bed, being visited by Duhop, Grim and Duhop's sister, Abigail, and Grim's grandmother, "Supergram". Even after he died, he still remains as the original icon of Sillysuperpop to this very day, and his hilarious videos still make every viewer who sees them laugh until their mouths fall off! R.I.P Superpop 1930-2014