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Stan Horowitz (or just Stan) is an antagonist in sillySUPERPOP. He is the former "Biggest Fan" of Grim's Toy Show, until he betrayed Degeneration Fat and joined the MJ Appleballs channel. He also became more cold, selfish, creepy, abusive and aggressive towards Grim, Duhop and Grim’s family as well. He even inspired Jamie the evil mailman to become the new Appleballs after the original one was unmasked. He was briefly involved in the Slenderdick feud, where, in the beginning, he was arrested after carjacking Grim, but reappeared not long after to inform Grim he got out of jail and blamed Grim for the incident. He was also involved with the ultimate Jerkoff, but this has currently not gone anywhere. He eventually turned face by saying he put his and Grim's differences aside and told grim to trust him and even helped grim film. Grim was chased by a clown and he ran the clown over. When Grim unmasked him, the clown was Stan. He said that he didn't remember anything and Grim didn't trust him. Then Stan helped him out but won the hardcore championship and then went down so grim can pin him. Now Grim kind of trusts him.


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In Wrestling Edit

  • Finishing Moves
    • Chokeslam
  • Signature Moves
    • Stancline (Clothesline)
    • Knee strikes in the corner of the ring
    • Multiple punches
    • Big Boot
    • Chokehold

Championships & Accomplishments Edit

GTS WrestlingEdit

Note: He also stole the YouTube Wrestling Figures HEAVYWEIGHT Championship once, but never actually won it.