Red Scorpion is a wrestler who competes for GTS and BBWF. In BBWF, he competes as part of a tag team alongside his son, Green Scorpion.




Red Scorpion made his first appearance taking part in the Manniquen Challenge.

Red Scorpion competed in his debut match as part of a gauntlet against 'The Ice Demon' Jay Dempsey, but he was disqualified in less than 20 seconds for hitting the referee.

Red Scorpion's second match was the Christmas Chaos Match, where he was hit with a Boom Drop and was hit with "solid steel" wrapping paper to the crotch, he was pinned by Robbie E, He later assisted El Hefe Rojo in pinning Matt Castle, but when Rojo kicked Scorpion in the stomach and hit him with the Rojo Wrecker, Red Scorpion didn't get a present.

Red Scorpion Green

Red Scorpion (left) wearing his son's mask

Red Scorpion made his in ring return at Grimamania (Wearing his son, Green Scorpion's mask), competing in a Hardcore Scramble to for the GTS Hardcore Championship, Scorpion was able to pin Oliver Clothesoff to become the new Hardcore Champion, Red Scorpion's first title, but he instantly lost it back to Oliver.

In WrestlingEdit

  • Finishing Moves
    • Knife edge Chop
  • Signature Moves
    • Back Scratcher (Back Rake)
    • Eye Poke
    • Fake-Out Test of Strength
    • Atomic Drop
    • Nipple Twist
    • Sleeper Hold
  • Nicknames
    • "The Pride of Parts Unknown"

Championships & Accomplishments Edit

Entrance MusicEdit

GTS Wrestling - Red Scorpion Theme Song-0

GTS Wrestling - Red Scorpion Theme Song-0