Mypalalex (or just plain Alex, or, as Grim sometimes calls him, Al) is a protagonist in Sillysuperpop. He is one of the best friends of Grim and founding member of Degeneration Fat. He has his own YouTube channel called "Mypalalex". He is also known for being the first guy to win the YouTube Wrestling Figures Heavyweight Championship from Grim.


Alex has been a part of Sillysuperpop and a member of the DF for a long time now, and Alex has been a part of many of Grim's videos so far. One of his earlier appearances was in a video where Grim "shot and killed" Grime. He was also one of the portrayers of Spider-Dick.

Alex made his return in January 2017 by announcing his entry to the GTS Regal Rumble under his Spider-Dick gimmick. Unfortunately, his entry was renounced because of his back injury.

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