Mort is a anti hero in Sillysuperpop. He is Grim's redneck neighbor and the brother of Grim's other neighbor, Donna. 


At first, Mort was a total villain. He fought with Grim all the time over the fence and sometimes even came over and physically abused Grim. In fact, in one episode, he teamed up with Tubby Bulldozer and tied Grim and Duhop up, destroyed Grim's YouTube Wrestling Figures Heavyweight Championship belt by smashing it into a tree and with a sledgehammer, and attempted to burn Grim and Duhop alive. However, during the feud with Slenderdick, Mort seemed to have newly mixed feelings about Grim, blaming him for Slenderdick's arrival but also teaming up with him to try to defeat Slenderdick.After this, the two seemed to put their differences aside and (currently) are not in a feud. Mort currently works at walmart, where Grim usually goes to stock up on wrestling figures and tables. Nowadays he rarely appears on GTS or in Grims vlogs

Entrance MusicEdit

GTS Wrestling - Mort Steel Theme Song

GTS Wrestling - Mort Steel Theme Song