MJ Appleballs is a plush youtuber and was a main antagonist in Sillysuperpop. He was a creep wearing Deadpool pajamas and white sneakers, who was unmasked by Grim and revealed to be the former WWE superstar, Curt Hawkins (Brian Myers). He is also a 1-time former YouTube Wrestling Figures Heavyweight Champion. This reign was not as MJ Appleballs, but Curt Hawkins

Ever since Hawkin's unmasking, Jamie took up the Appleballs role after Stan hired him. However, a week after Stan's defeat, Jamie got arrested and sent to jail. He escaped however and for a couple weeks, hid in Grim's shed. Jamie left behind the Appleballs outfit, leading to one of the Ninja Twins taking the role, at first just playing around, but then briefly turned on Grim until they realized that they were terrible villains.  

Somehow, however, Jamie managed to get a hold of the Appleballs outfit (or possibly bought a new one) and surprised Grim and Curt Hawkins by defeating Grim in the ring by distraction by Max Frost. In the match, Appleballs used the Skull Crushing Finale on Grim, leading Grim to think that it was the Miz who was Appleballs. However, it was revealed that it was Jamie the following week, much to Grim's disappointment. Jamie said was just promoting the new Deadpool movie at the time, and ran off, and that was the last appearance of MJ Appleballs. His Final Days Are left with a YouTube Channel with over 1000 Subscribers, And He Does Plush Videos,

During his second run on GTS, he became GTS Ruthless rumble champion and an rwa championship, however, a few seconds later, he would unmask and reveal himself as RWA superstar Adam Bizarre

Finishing Moves

  • Superkick
  • Skull Crushing Finale

Signature Moves

  • Low blow
  • Running Off

Championships and Accomplishments

Entrance MusicEdit

GTS Wrestling - MJ Appleballs Theme Song

GTS Wrestling - MJ Appleballs Theme Song