Joe Bronson, often referred to as "Mophead" by Grim, is a American professional wrestler, best known for his appearances on Grim's Toy Show.

He was first introduced in the feud between Grim and Curt Hawkins. He is one of Curt Hawkins' apprentices, along with TJ Warren and Johnny Clash. He is often referred to as "Mop-head" by Grim because of his extremely long hair, which literally covers half of his face.


Joe first appeared in Grim's feud with Curt Hawkins as an antagonist. He was one of Hawkins' "underlings". He was, at first, simply pitted against Grim by Hawkins, but after Grim called him Mophead on Youtube, Bronson's followers on Social Media and in real life began calling him Mophead themselves, sparking a giant rivalry between Grim and Him which ultimately lead to Grim and Duhop going to Joe's house and throwing him in a dumpster alive (the video of which would have been on Grim's channel, but Duhop forgot to hit " Record" on the camera) and Joe and his own apprentice, Brandon the Bull, challenging Grim and Duhop to a wrestling match, which Degeneration Fat rightfully won, however at the end TJ Warren and Johnny Clash ambushed Grim, Duhop and Brandon (who had had an argument with Joe and turned against him). He next appeared in the match for the YWHCB  belt which had been won from Grim by Hawkins weeks before. Joe, along with TJ Warren, Johnny Clash, Curt himself, and Maxwell Feinstein tried to defeat DF and keep the belt, to no aveil. He threw broken wrestling figures at Grim and Duhop after they left CAP WS after winning the match.

After more than a year, Bronson returned in a vlog for NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 3, where it was established that he and Grim are now friends, and even a member of DF.

In wrestlingEdit

  • Finishing Moves
    • Discus Clothesline
    • Over-the-shoulder Reverse Piledriver
  • Signature Moves
    • Rolling Fireman's Carry Slam

Championships & Accomplishments Edit

GTS WrestlingEdit