Jay Evans (Formerly Jay Dempsey, Real Name Jay Calnan) is an American professional wrestler, who wrestles for GTS Wrestling. He is a 2 time YouTube Wrestling Figures Heavyweight Champion, 3 time GTS World Heavyweight Champion, 2 time GTS Intercontinental Champion and a 9 time GTS Hardcore Champion. Evans is the Sixth Triple Crown Champion and Fifth Grand Slam Champion.


GTS[edit | edit source]

Jay was first introduced as a referee and a part of DF. After feeling he wasn't getting enough opportunities and turned on DF< becoming the Ice Demon.

Evans went on to beat the Lance Scaper for the GTS title and held it for 34 days until Tommy Salami cashed in his Food In the Fridge contract during a triple threat match for the belt and won it. By then he was out of the GTS title picture but will go on to beat Jimmy Controversy for the GTS Intercontinental Championship and held it for 17 days until he lost the belt to Grim but regained it five days later by dressing up as Pimp Cara. He would go on to hold it for 21 days until he lost it to Pita Kid. Jay will go on to win 4 Hardcore Championships and ditched the Ice Demon costumesgroup called the Kings Keys to Chaos. He also has victories over Grim and Robbie E. On April 17, Evans was unsuccessful at winning the GTS Championship against Kleetus Bailey. On April 29, at Paybitch, Evans defeated Bruiser Bonifer, Brandon the Bull and Kleetus Bailey to win the GTS Championship. After Tommy Salami won the YouTube Wrestling Figures Heavyweight Championship from Grim in a Dumpster Match, Jay Evans ran into the ring and cashed in his Food In The Fridge Briefcase and beat Salami for his second YouTube Wrestling Figures Heavyweight Championship. Jay then turned face and he now respects Grim and wants to a have a brotherly battle with him for the Youtube Wrestling Figures Heavyweight Championship. On June 22, Jay successfully retained the Youtube Wrestling Figures Heavyweight Championship against Grim thanks to accidental interference from Jimmy Controversy. However, the full match was never seen due to Jimmy forgetting to record. On June 26th Jay successfully defended the Youtube Title against Matt Castle and Ulfric Strongclaw. But only to have to defend his title again against Grim. He defeated Grim after a intentional distraction from Heel Wife and Doom Crew. Jay also hinted a face turn after mouthing the words "Eat it Yeah!" in the outro. But it is unknown if this is a ruse or true 2 days later Jay turned face after doing the "Eat it Yeah!" crotch chop and challenging indy wrestler TJ Marconi after TJ attacked him at SWF the day before. The day before Giant Sack of Heat, TJ Marconi appeared at the warehouse and Jay bravely challenged him and put his Youtube title on the line. However, he was badly beaten. At GSOH, He particpated in the Youtube battle royal and was eliminated by Grim. At GTS Suckaslam, Jay participated in a Fatal 4-Way match against Matt Castle, Max Frost, and Joe Wolf for the Million Dollar Championship which was ultimately won by Joe Wolf. Jay stormed out of the GTS warehouse, showing signs of a heel turn after Grim shook hands with Pete Corvus after telling him not to do so. On December 31, 2017, Jay turned heel on Grim by joining forces with Joe Wolf after hitting a Superkick on Grim. On October 6, 2018, he helped Grim defeat Slenderdick. He, appeared as Ice Demon, again saved GTS by defeating Slenderdick in a casket match. On December 28, 2018, he became GTS Loser Champion after he was superkicked and pinned by his partner Jake Cage. In 2019, he joined Kurt Bale's alliance of AWE, and once AWE was absorbed into GTS, he aligned with Joe Wolf and Jake Cage as Legendary, with Grim turning heel and joining later on,

In Wrestling[edit | edit source]

  • Finishing Moves
    • Black Mass (Spin Kick) (Parodied from Aleister Black)
    • Jay's Way (Leaping Reverse STO) (Parodied from Shelton Benjamin)
    • Coup De Grace (Diving Double Foot Stomp) (As the Ice Demon) (Parodied from Finn Balor)
  • Signature Moves
    • Diving knee drop (Parodied from Harley Race sometimes Parodied as Ric Flair's move)
    • Key Drop (Diving Double Leg Drop)
    • Falcon Arrow
    • Panama Sunrise (Diving Front Flip Piledriver) (Parodied from Adam Cole)
    • Reversed Corner Splash
    • Russian Leg Sweep, usually done after multiple Suplexes
    • Snap Suplex
    • Sling Blade (Spinning Sitout Sleeper Slam)- Parodied from Finn Balor
    • Best In GTS (Somersault Plancha)
    • Springboard Roundhouse Kick
    • Swanton Bomb, sometimes slingshotting
    • Superkick
  • With Joe Wolf
    • Double-Team Finishing Moves
      • Magic Killer (Aided snap swinging neckbreaker) - Parodied from Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson
  • Nicknames
    • Legendary
    • Chicken Breast Chest
    • Ice Demon
    • The Key

Championships & Accomplishments[edit | edit source]

United Wrestling Coalition

Superstars Wrestling Federation

Entrance Music[edit | edit source]


GTS Wrestling - Jay Dempsey AKA "Ice Demon" Theme Song

Used as Ice Demon/Jay Dempsey


GTS Wrestling - Jay "The Key" Evans Theme Song-1

Current Theme, used as Jay Evans

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