Heel Wife or DollKat (real name Barbara Hitchens (Maiden name is Hammerstein) is Grims Ex-wife in the fiction show of GTS


  1. Barbara Hitchens is the Ex-wife of Grim (Dave Hitchens). She has her own Youtube Channel known as Dollkat's World, which used to be the RWA channel ran by Matt Castle. While being divorced they do have two daughters together Molly and Amy. In the videos it's basically like a soap opera fiction show she is usually acting angry, stressed, frustrated and manipulative. Heel Wife in acting she's disagrees with Grim on almost everything. She hates Grim's obsession with collecting Wrestling and Transformers action Figures and usually tries to sell or destroy them. She hates WWE wrestlers Paige and Bayley due to Grim meeting both of them in person (Paige in 2015) and (Bayley in 2016) at the Carolines Comedy Club in New York, which she thinks it's a strip club. She even goes out of her way sometimes just to make Grim suffer like ripping his royal rumble tickets. On some occasions, she has even tried to trick Grim into filming "DollKat's Shoe Show" for her. However, despite her countless arguments and complicated relationship with her ex husband, Heel Wife divorced Grim in a legit real life situation. In the beginning of November 2017, Heel Wife thus effectively finally turned face in the process for the first time since marrying grim, by liking Grim's figures, being nice to him and shopping for figures with Grim and no longer being a sourpuss or destroying toys anymore as well becoming face wife or Wrestlekat and "Lovewife" as her new names. Although Grim at first wasn’t too happy about it at first glance, he did get use to his wife’s attitude later on. Her and Grim are separated and Grim has a court order to not be allowed to live in the basement of his and Barbara's House.


Heel wife's Twitter account is called "DollKat1". Her YouTube channel is also called Dollkat's World with 123 videos and 40k subs. Her Youtube account used to be the RWA channel ran by Matt Castle and The other rebels of GTS.


Heel Wife challenged James Ellsworth for the World Intergender Championship in a losing effort in June 2018, due to being distracted by Grim. Heel Wife earned herself another shot at James Ellsworth's title after Grim defeated him at SuckaSlam. Grim though thought he deserved a match with Ellsworth, so Heel Wife and Grim will face each other and the winner faces James Ellsworth for the Intergender title. Before their match Heel wife wrestled and defeated The Green Orcle to prepare.

In Wrestling (Even though she only wrestled a limited amount of times)[edit | edit source]

  • Finishers
    • Subscribers splash (running splash) (Adopted from Grim)
    • Diving Elbow drop (2013)
    • Double H lock (Heel hold)
  • Signatures
    • "Look, I did that DTQ move" (DDT) (used once)
    • Slapping
    • Double H Stretch (Heel Hook Stretch)
  • Nicknames
    • Heel Wife 10:30
    • Boss Baby
    • "Red Mist Period Dragon"
    • "Hurricane Heel Wife"
    • "Salty Bitch"
    • "Sour DollKat"
    • "Love Wife"
    • "Yeast Incarnate"
    • "Cringe Carnival"
    • "Moon Salty"
    • "Dollkat"
    • "Salty Pretzel"
    • "Salt-a-Saurus-Rekts-My-Life"
    • "Bad Mood Bobbie"
    • Salty Fries
    • "WrestleKat"
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