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Welcome To the GTS Wiki. Where all the Grims Toy Show fans can enjoy a wiki for the show. You can edit, add content, or just view pages. Do not hate on any pages if you hate the superstar that the page is about, Do not add fake info to GTS Pages. Making a fan card is not allowed. So enjoy the wiki.

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It has come to the attention that a bunch of fan-card have been made by various users. As of October 22nd, 2018, these fan-cards are no longer allowed. The reason is because our goal is to provide accurate information here on the Grim's Toy Show Wiki, and fan-cards do not provide such information. If you would like to make a fan-card, please go to the Fanon wiki at --ConkerThePikachu.

PhenomenalArchitect is back, making edits and making the wiki a much better place.

Alright, so the wiki hasn't been as updated as it's used to, so let's kick up action everyone, i'm starting to edit more again, so let's make this wiki awesome- Llabball6

Champions Edit

Championship Current Champion Reign Date Won Days Held Notes
YouTube Wrestling Figures Heavyweight Championship Duhop 4 October 6, 2019 16 defeated Grim in a Fail in a Jail match.
GTS Championship Shemar 2 September 22, 2019 30 Defeated Tony Emerald & Onslaught
GTS Intercontinental Championship Mole Man Reigns 1 September 19, 2019 33 Def. Lucha La Raza
GTS United States Championship Joey Angelo 2 October 8, 2019 14 Won in a Battle Royal
GTS Tag Team Championship Jay Evans & Jake Cage 4 September 14, 2019 38 Defeated Shemar & Hitman Jones & Gay Mysterio And Moleman Reigns
GTS Hardcore Championship Soda Pop Smith 10 October 20, 2019 2 defeated Ace Marxman
Loser Championship Anthony Emerald Jr. 3 October 19, 2019 3 lost to Francesca Rabbit
GTS Legendary Championship Gey Mysterio 1 October 18, 2019 4 Won the battle royal to crown the inaugural champion

Defunct Championships Edit

Championship Last Champion Reign Date Won Days


RWA Championship Jake Cage 2 March 2nd, 2018 1 def. Adam Bizarre
BFCW Championship Burt Kale 1 November 30, 2017 1 def. Patrick Corvus
Heavyweight Wrestling Championship Bruiser Bonifer 4 June 20, 2018 177 def. Ace Marxman
GTS Ruthless Rumble Championship Michael Myers 1 March 14, 2018 279 def. JJ Adams
GTS Million Dollar Championship Joe Wolf 2 August 19, 2019 501 def. Matt Castle
GTS Butt Championship Kurt Bale 1 December 24, 2018 2 Unwrapped in Christmas Chaos
World Inter-Gender Championship James Ellsworth 1 March 23, 2018 233 Crowned himself as the inaugural champion
AWE Championship Billy Moxley 1 May 19, 2019 92 def. Kurt Bale

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No False Information

No Non-GTS content or fan-cards.

No spamming

No Vandalism

No disrespecting other users. If you disrespect an admin, you will be blocked without question.

No being offensive, either in the articles or the comments section

The most important rule though, is to try to have fun.

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