Grim's Toy Show is a tag team in GTS composed of Grim and Duhop/El Jefe Rojo. They are a sub group to D-Generation Fat.



In WrestlingEdit

  • Double-Team Finishing Moves
    • 3DF - DF Death Drop (Flapjack (Grim) / Cutter (Rojo/Duhop) combination, sometimes putting an opponent through a table) - Parodied from The Dudley Boyz
    • F-Mark (Double-Chin Music (Grim) into a Duhop Drop/Rojo Wrecker (Rojo/Duhop))
    • Double Purge! Purge! Purge! (Double Running Shoulder Blocks)
  • Double-Team Signature Moves
    • TBA
  • Duhop/Rojo's Finishing Moves
    • As Duhop
      • Duhop Drop (Stunner)
      • Crossface Chicken Wing-Wang (Crossface Chickenwing) - Parodied from Bob Backlund - Used rarely
    • As El Jefe Rojo
      • Rojo Wrecker (Stunner)
      • Jefecution (Lifting DDT) - Parodied from Edge
      • Purge, Purge, Purge! (Running Shoulder Tackle, with theatrics)
  • Grim's Finishing Moves
    • The DisGriminator (Swinging Sidewalk Slam) 2013-2016; used as a signature move thereafter
    • Double-Chin Music (Superkick, with theatrics) - Parodied from Shawn Michaels
    • Grim Ending (Full Nelson Slam) 2015-Present
    • Solid Knee Plus (Running Single Leg High Knee) Used once in 2014, 2016-present
    • The Subscriber's Elbow (Running Elbow Drop to a grounded opponent, with theatrics) 2014-2015
    • The Subscriber's Splash (Running Splash to a grounded opponent, with theatrics) 2015-Present
  • Nicknames
    • "The King of Shovel Style" (Grim)
    • "The Lard that Runs the Yard" (Grim)
    • "Super-Cena" (Grim)

Championships & AccomplishmentsEdit

  • SWF
    • SWF Tag Team Championship (1 time)

Entrance MusicEdit

DF (D-Genaration Fat) Theme Song

DF (D-Genaration Fat) Theme Song