David Hitchens, better known by his ring name, Grim, is the Owner of GTS, the SIllysuperpop Channel, and The GTS Warehouse. Grim is a toy collector of Transformer's, WWE Figures, Power Ranger's, and Toy Cars.

Grim first started his Indy wrestling career in 2001, before taking a hiatus in early 2003 due to a fractured leg and wanting to focus on his family.

Sillysuperpop's Begining Edit

Forming the sillySuperpop Channel in 2011, aring toy reviews and videos of his grampa, A.K.A Superpop. Grim soon started aring backyard wrestling videos on friday's, being joined by friends Alex, Rod and Todd aka the ninja twins, and AttackSlug. Being joined later on by his real-life brother Duhop, and forming D-Generation Fat.

In 2014, Grim made a return to the ring on a after a long hiatus, where he faced Dr. Travone in a losing effort. Grim would work more occasional shows throughout 2014 to early 2016 before returning to the ring full time, including his notable matches in the ring against Stan, a 12-Man Battle Royal which also featured Duhop, and Pita Kid.

GTS Wrestling Edit

In 2016 Grim purchased a wrestling ring, marking his full time return to the wrestling business and moved the ring to SuperGram's house, where he started filming his wrestling videos there until May of 2017. Being joined by future world champions Tommy Salami, Pete Corvus, Tony Emerald, Jay Evans hvn, Joe Wolf, Bonifer, and common Heel Jimmy Controversy in the backyard. With them wrestling there from June 2016-April/May 2017, with Pete Corvus moving the ring to a warehouse.

Moving to the Warehouse brought in new wrestlers, Kid Christian, Kurt Bale, Hollywood Hooligan, the returning Jordan Oliver, and ROH star Rhett Titus, with them doing PPV'S from May-August.

The beginning of 2018 brought bad luck to GTS, with Brandon, A.K.A Matt Castle forming RWA, and GTS losing the warehouse. But with DF'S help, GTS, and RWA, formed a short partnership, which ended later that month with GTS winning RWA'S warehouse.

The road to Grimamania 2018 began, with huge stories starting, or being continued from before hand, and James Ellsworth, a former WWE star debuted. Grim's future is looking big with a fued with Ellsworth happening sooner then later. He and Ellsworth won GTS Tag Team Championship twice and lost twice.

On May 12, 2018 Grim won Heavyweight Wrestling Championship by defeating Ace Marxman. On May 21, 2018, he lost the title to debuting The Alien, ending his 9 days reign. On May 29, 2018, he unsuccessfully regain his championship where he lost the new champion Tony Chini and previous champion The Alien. On June 2, 2018 Grim unvield that Grim, Duhop, and Kurt Bale were the red van dam that they were the one getting rid of the roster. Grim also said they he is tired of Giant Leathers shit as General Manager so Grim fired him as GM not From GTS . Grim also said he got rid of people who didn't get him views so he fired 5 people from GTS.

Grim fueded with Nickelwise the Clown, Billy Ambrose, and James Ellsworth in the summer month's winning every match. Going into the Fall month's Grim was fighitng the game master, while talking things out with Jimmy, Kurt Bale turned Heel on Grim. starting a fued between the two.

In Wrestling Edit

Finishing Moves

  • Applejuice Adjustment (Standing fireman's carry transitioned into a kneeling takeover) (parodied from John Cena) (2016-2017) (used as a signature move thereafter)
  • Double-Chin Music (Superkick with theatrics) (parodied from Shawn Michaels) (2016) - (2017-present)
  • The DisGriminator (Swinging Sidewalk Slam) (2013-present)
  • Grim Ending (Full Nelson slam) (2016-present)
  • Solid Knee Plus (Running Single Leg High Knee) (2014-2017) 
  • The Subscriber Splash (Running Splash, with theatrics
  • Grim Airlines (Diving Splash, with theatrics) (2014-present)
  • Signature Moves
    • Big Boot into a Leg Drop (parodied from Hulk Hogan)
    • Carb stomp (Running Stomp to the back off the head, Parodied from Seth Rollins)
    • DDT
    • Grimjob (stinkface) Parodied from Rikishi
    • Grimlock (Sharpshooter) (2017-present)
    • Five Star Frog Splash (High-angle frog splash, Parodied from Rob Van Dam)
    • Hassaaan Chop!/Poooorrkk Chop! (Corner knife edge chop while saying WOOOO!, parodied from Ric Flair)
    • Middle rope Swanton Bomb, Adopted from Tommy Salami
    • Multiple Powerbomb variations:
      • Running
      • Diving
      • Pop-up
      • Sitout
    • Multiple punches
    • Obese Mode! (Stinger Splash with theatrics)
    • Pedigree (Double underhook facebuster, Parodied from Triple H)
    • Say hello to the Fat Guy (Falling Crucifix Powerbomb, adopted from Scott Hall/Razor Ramon)
    • Running Clothesline, sometimes used as a counter
    • Skin Tag City (rubbing his armpit in his opponent's face)
    • Sphere (Spear) parodied from Goldberg
    • Spinning neckbreaker
  • With' Duhop'
    • Double-Team Finishing Moves
      • DF Death Drop (Flapjack (Grim)/Cutter (Rojo/Duhop) Combination, Sometimes Putting an Opponent Through a Table) parodied from Dudley Boyz
      • F-Mark (Double-Chin Music (Grim) into a Duhop Drop/Rojo Wrecker (Rojo/Duhop))
      • Double Purge! Purge! Purge! (Double Running Shoulder Blocks)
    • Double-Team Signature Moves
      • TBA
  • Nicknames"
    • "The King of Shovel Style"
    • "The Lard that Runs the Yard"
    • "(The) Super Cena (of GTS)"
    • "The Fat Man Who Runs the Brand"

Wrestlers trained

Championships and Accomplishments Edit

  • SWF
    • SWF Tag Team Championship (1 time) w/ El Jefe Rojo
    • SWF Championship (1 time, interim)


  • Grim attatched a link to the GTS Wrestling Roster page on this wiki on one of his twitter posts, meaning Grim is one of the GTS wrestlers who is aware of the wiki. Eat It Yeah!!

Grims Entrance MusicEdit

GTS Wrestling - Grim Theme Song

GTS Wrestling - Grim Theme Song

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