This is a list of all of GTS tag teams and stables from throughout the history of professional wrestling.

Former Members

Active[edit | edit source]

Team name Members

Times of held Tag Champs

Main Finisher Mangers/Valet Type Alignments
The Garden States Mafia Tony Chini & Francesca Chini 4 Dalton Hawkins Tag Team Face
Shook Crew Max Caster, Bryce Donovan, Bobby Orlando, Kristen Sandler The Queen 0 Smart Mark Sterling Stable Heel
The Beach Bums Freddy IV, Brody & TJ Crawford 1 Shaka kicks Tag Team Face
D-Generation Fat See List Members 2 Grim and RojoRecker/Apple Juice Adjustment Stable Face
Legendary See List Members 8 Every members come and attack. Stable Heel
Doom Crew Manabo and Oliver Clothesoff 2 Starr Bringdown Tag Team Face
Legends of New Jersey Jay Evans and Jake Cage 4 Jake and Jays Way Joe Wolf Tag Team Heel
Monster's Asylum Giant Leather, Sprinkles the Clown 0 Leatherslam\Sprinklesplash Doctor K Tag Team Heel
Charlie Tiger and Griffin McCoy 0 Tag Team Face
Storm Breakers Kennedi Copeland and Foxx Vinyer 2 Tag Team Face
The Prodigy and Nate The Lawyer 0 Tag Team Heel
JCO Christian Robinson and Jordan Oliver 0 Tag Team Heel
Pro Wrestling Takeover Kid Christian and JJ Adams 0 Tag Team Face
The Rockers Johnny Chill and Tristan Balmer 0 Chill Out Tag Team Heel

Dispanded Teams[edit | edit source]

Team name Members Mangers/Valet Type Tag Team Titles Held Reason for disbandment
Legendary See List Members Stable 1 Everybody turn face, except Jake Cage.
Mike Orlando and Allie Recks Tag Team 0 Allie Recks will never wrestle again.
The Prodigy and Nate The Lawyer Tag Team 0 Nate The Lawyer turned on The Prodigy and walk away during the tag team match at Grimamania 5.
Dance Party! Big Chico and Yes Way Jose Tag Team 0 Never showed up together again
Ruthless Sons Jimmy Controversy and Tony Emerald Tag Team 0 After Emerald beat up Jimmy
D-Generation Chin Fat Grim & James Ellsworth Duhop Tag Team 2 Disbanded after Ellsworth turned Heel.
Brooklyn Club See members list They managed each other when they had matches Stable 0 DGDX and Tommy turned Face
The High Impact Hitmen Matt Castle and Pete Corvus Tag Team 1 They attacked each other in the Regal Rumble
Clown Corp See members list Draken Stable 2 All members had been unmasked
Chaos Conspiracy Bruiser Bonifer and Joe Wolf Matt Castle and/or Jay Evans Tag Team 2 After losing the GTS Tag Team Championship at Grimamania, Bonifer and Wolf split up after Bonifer beat up Wolf.
Controversial Insanity Jimmy Controversy and Drax Maysin Tag Team 0 Dispanded after Jimmy got temporarily fired after he didnt film jay vs grim
Hollywood Hooligan and Kurt Bale Tag Team 1 Dispanded after Bale made AWE
The two cousin's Tony Emerald and Kleetus Bailey Tag Team 1 Tony Emerald lost a retirement match to Robbie E at Grimamania (May have dispanded at some point beforehand).
White Chocolate Jay Evans & JJ Adams Tag Team 0 Dispanded after JJ's Heel turn
Controversial Dawgz Rhett Titus & Jimmy Controversy Rhett Titus Tag Team 1 Dispanded after Jimmy turned Heel, changed his name to James Romer and joined JOB Security
Manabros Manabo and Fake Manabo Tag Team 1 Dispanded after Fake Manabo became 'Yes Way Jose'
King's Keys to Chaos See members list Stable 2 Dispanded after Bonifer turned on Joe and Joe won lottery and Jay turned Face
The Whacky-Womp Express Lance Scaper and The Whompis Tag Team 0 Dispanded after Lance Scaper's Heel Turn
RWA Cringe Crews Kleetus Bailey, Jake Cage, Tristan Balmer, Ace Marxman, Tony Chini Urkel the Money Maker Stable 0 Disbanded after Losing Grimamania 2018
Job Security James Romer, Ronnie MossesMalcolm Moss, Alexander Lasko and Tristan Balmer Stable 2 Disbanded after Grimamania 2017
SWAT City (formerly known as AcePop) Ace Marxman and Sodapop Smith Jay Medic Tag Team 2 Disbanded after Soda Pop beat up Ace.
The Safety Express Lance Scaper and Tony Emerald Tag Team 0 After Lance beat up Tony and turned back face
The GC Express Grim and Pete Corvus Tag Team 3 After they just couldn't get along no more
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