This is a list of all of GTS tag teams and stables from throughout the history of professional wrestling.

Former Members

Active Edit

Team name Members

Times of held Tag Champs

Main Finisher Mangers/Valet Type Alignments
The Garden States Mafia Tony Chini & Francesa Chini 3 N/A Dalton Hawkins Tag Team Face
Shook Crew Max Caster, Bryce Donovan, Bobby Orlando, Kristen Sandler The Queen 0 N/A Smart Mark Sterling Stable Tweener
The Beach Bums Freddy IV, Brody & TJ Crawford 1 Shaka kicks N/A Tag Team Face
D-Generation Fat See List Members 2 Grim and RojoRecker/Apple Juice Adjustment N/A Stable Face
Doom Crew Manabo and Oliver Clothesoff 2 Starr Bringdown N/A Tag Team Heel
Legends of New Jersey Jay Evans and Jake Cage 4 Jake and Jays Way Joe Wolf Tag Team Heel
Monster's Asylum Giant Leather, Sprinkles the Clown 0 Leatherslam\Sprinklesplash Doctor K Tag Team Heel
N/A Charlie Tiger and Griffin McCoy 0 N/A N/A Tag Team Face
Storm Breakers Kennedi and Foxx Vinnyer 2 N/A N/A Tag Team Face
N/A Mike Orlando and Ellie Recks 0 N/A N/A Tag Team Face
JCO Christian Robinson and Jordan Oliver 0 N/A N/A Tag Team Heel
Pro Wrestling Takeover KC Navarro and JJ Adams 0 N/A N/A Tag Team Face
The Rockers Johnny Chill and Tristan Balmer 0 Chill Out N/A Tag Team Heel

Dispanded Teams Edit

Team name Members Mangers/Valet Type Tag Team Titles Held Reason for dispandment
Dance Party! Big Chico and Yes Way Jose N/A Tag Team 0 Never showed up together again
Ruthless Sons Jimmy Controversy and Tony Emerald N/A Tag Team 0 After Emerald beat up Jimmy
D-Generation Chin Fat Grim & James Ellsworth Duhop Tag Team 2 Disbanded after Ellsworth turn heel.
Brooklyn Club See members list N/A Stable 0 DGDX and Tommy turned Face
The High Impact Hitmen Matt Castle and Pete Corvus N/A Tag Team 1 They attacked each other in the Regal Rumble
Clown Corp See members list N/A Stable 2 All members had been unmasked
Chaos Conspiracy Bruiser Bonifer and Joe Wolf Matt Castle and/or Jay Evans Tag Team 2 After losing the GTS Tag Team Championship at Grimamania, Bonifer and Wolf split up after Bonifer beat up Wolf.
Controversial Insanity Jimmy Controversy and Drax Maysin Tag Team 0
N/A Hollywood Hooligan and Kurt Bale Tag Team 1
The two cousin's Tony Emerald and Kleetus Bailey N/A Tag Team 1 Tony Emerald lost a retirement match to Robbie E at Grimamania (May have dispanded at some point beforehand).
White Chocolate Jay Evans & JJ Adams N/A Tag Team 0 Dispanded after JJ's Heel turn
Controversial Dawgz Rhett Titus & Jimmy Controversy Rhett Titus Tag Team 1 Dispanded after Jimmy turned Heel, changed his name to Jimmy Romer and joined JOB Security
Manabros Manabo and Fake Manabo N/A Tag Team 1 Dispanded after Fake Manabo became 'Yes Way Jose'
King's Keys to Chaos See members list N/A Stable 2 Dispanded after Bonifer turned on Joe and Joe won lottery and Jay turned Face
The Whacky-Womp Express Lance Scaper and The Whompis N/A Tag Team 0 Dispanded after Lance Scaper's Heel Turn
RWA Cringe Crews Kleetus, Jake Cage, Tristan Balmer, Ace Marxman, Tony Chini Orkel the Money Maker Stable 0 Disbanded after Losing GrimaMania 2018
Job Security James Romer, Ronnie Moses, Malcolm Moss, Alexander Lasko and Tristan Balmer Stable 2 Disbanded after GrimaMania 2018
SWAT City (formerly known as AcePop) Ace Marxman and Soda Pop Smith Jay Medic Tag Team 2 Disbanded after Soda Pop beat up Ace.
The Safety Express Lance Scaper and Tony Emerald Tag Team 0 After Lance beat up Toony and turned back face