GTS Easter Egg Hunt is an annual event GTS Wrestling, happening every year on Easter Sunday.

2017 Edit

The HuntEdit

The match debuted in 2017 with Ace Marxman, Brandon the Bull, Bruiser Bonifer, Dalton Hawkins, Drax Maysin, Grim, Jay Evans, Jimmy Controversy, Joe Wolf, Kamakazzy, Kleetus Bailey, Lance Scaper (Dressed as The Red Ranger), Manabo, The Mark, Mort, Olfrick Strongclaw, Sodapop Smith, TJ Blade, Tommy Salami and Vlad Drago as the participants.

Number Wrestlers Easter Eggs Results Easter Egg Location Notes
1 Kleetus Bailey Dress like the Easter Bunny. Behind the tree
2 Joe Wolf Put Kain Magyar over for the DF Championship. Under the patio Wolf told Jimmy Controversy to put over Kain Magyar.
3 Brandon the Bull GTS Championship Shot  Under the ring
4 Tommy Salami  Book a Hair vs. Hair Match and cut the loser's hair. In Manabo's hair Salami would book Manabo vs. Jimmy Controversy, which was won by Manabo.
5 Olfrick Strongclaw Book a Loser Belt Match In his own War Horn Olfrick booked The Mark to face Dalton Hawkins.
6 Sodapop Smith  GTS Tag Team Championship Shot In the garbage Smith would pick Ace Marxman as his partner, They defeated Manabo in a 2 on 1 Handicap Match.
7 Lance Scaper YouTube Wrestling Figures Heavyweight Championship Shot Unknown (Not shown or mentioned on screen) Scaper was dressed as The Red Power Ranger where he unmasked after before the match.


Number Match Stipulation Notes
1. Kain Magyar def Jimmy Controversy Singles match to determine the inaugural DF Champion. Joe Wolf got the egg saying he had to put over Kain, but he forced Jimmy to do it instead.
2. Manabo def Jimmy Controversy Hair vs. Hair Match. Tommy Salami got the egg allowing him to book the hair match, after the match, he tried to cut Jimmy's hair, but only cut a few lochs since the scissors he used didn't work properly.
3. Dalton Hawkins (L) def The Mark Singles Match for the Loser Belt. Olfrick Strongclaw found the egg allowing him to book a loser belt match, he picked The Mark as Dalton's opponent.
4. Ace Pop (Ace Marxman & Sodapop Smith def Manabo (C) Handicap Match for the GTS Tag Team Championships. Sodapop found the egg granting him a Tag Title shot with a partner of his choosing, he chose Marxman as his partner. The match had to be made a handicap match since Manabo's partner, Fake Manabo was at a hair appointment.
5. Grim (C) def Lance Scaper Singles Match for the YouTube Wrestling Figures Heavyweight Championship. Lance (Dressed as the Red Ranger) found the egg allowing him to get a YT Title Match. At the beginning of the match, he took of his Red Ranger Mask and revealed himself as Lance Scaper.
6. Brandon the Bull def Kleetus Bailey (C) Singles Match for the GTS Championship Brandon found the egg allowing him to have a GTS Title Match. The match took place on April 20, 2017.

2018 Edit

The Hunt Edit

Ace Marxman, Alex Raze, Bonifer, Bobby Orlando, Bryce Donovan, Dominic Truax, Duhop, Grim, Hollywood Hooligan, Jake Cage, James Ellsworth, Jay Evans, Jimmy Controversy, Kleetus Bailey, Kurt Bale, Lance Scaper, Max Caster, Ron Voyage, Smart Mark Sterling, Tommy Salami, Tony Chini and Vlad Drago as the participants.

Number Wrestlers Easter Eggs Results Easter Egg Location Notes
1 Kurt Bale Pick this year Easter Bunny. Unknown (Not shown or mentioned on screen) Bale would pick Kleetus as the Easter Bunny.
2 Lance Scaper Have a match with the next person to find an egg. Under the ring bell. Vlad found the Egg.
3 Vlad Drago Unknown Unknown (Not shown or mentioned on screen) Vlad never revealed what was in the egg and just skipped straight into the match he had with Lance.
4 Dominic Truax Hit a finisher on the person you hate the most. On top off the Light He picked Jake Cage.
5 James Ellsworth The first match after Grimamania. In the ring padding.
6 Alex Raze Be in the Food in the Fridge Match at Grimamania. In Kurt Bale's Hood He was dressed in a Jack the Ripper style attire with a mask.
7 Diet Soda If Soda doesn't beat three people he loses his spot at Grimamania. In the corner of the warehouse Grim threw an egg at Soda.
8 Sterling Silver Have an match with someone in the Food in the Fridge Match. Bathroom The Match was against Hollywood Hooligan.
9 Ace Marxman Add any stipulations to your Grimamania match. In the ring padding. Ace stipulations is Loser Goes To a Mental Asylum.
10 Ron Voyage Add any stipulations to your Grimamania match. In the snow Voyage stole the from Jay Evans and the stipulations is an Suitcase Match.
11 Bobby Orlando Face your best friend in an match. In Max Caster's hat
12 Bryce Donovan Go on a data with Jade (Jay Evans' ex-girlfriend). Unknown (Not shown or mentioned on screen)
13 Duhop It was a golden egg revealed that when he lost the title, he will cash this egg for rematch immediately. In a Stone Cold figurer

Matches Edit

Number Match Stipulation Notes
1 Lance Scaper def Vlad Drago Singles Match Scaper won with the help from Jake Cage.
2 Diet Soda def Grim, Tony Chini and Jimmy Controversy 1 on 3 Handicap Match
3 Hollywood Hooligan def Sterling Silver Singles Match
4 Bobby Orlando vs. Max Caster Singles Match Both Orlando and Caster pinned each other.