GTS Christmas Chaos is a match in GTS Wrestling.


Every title is surrendered before the match, multiple GTS wrestlers are placed in the match and all the titles are wrapped, whenever someone scores a pinfall or submission, the person who scored the win gets to pick a championship and unwrap it.


The match debuted in 2016 with Grim, El Jefe Rojo, Tommy Salami, Lance Scaper, Bruiser Bonifer, Matt Castle, Jay Dempsey, Red Scorpion, Robbie E, Pete Corvus, Joe Wolf, Kleetus Bailey and Fat Scalper (Who, during the match, changed his ring name to 'Draiken') as the participants.

Number Winner Pinned Championship Notes
1 Robbie E Red Scorpion YouTube Wrestling Figures Heavyweight Championship
2 El Jefe Rojo Matt Castle GTS United States Championship Red Scorpion also pinned Matt Castle simultaniously, but Rojo was granted the title when he attacked Red Scorpion.
3 Grim Pete Corvus GTS Tag Team Championship
4 Pete Corvus Grim GTS Tag Team Championship
5 Joe Wolf Jay Evans GTS Hardcore Championship Lost it to Tommy Salami
6 Tommy Salami Joe Wolf Loser Belt Since Joe Wolf was the Hardcore Champion, when Tommy pinned him, he also became the Hardcore Champion.
7 Bruiser Bonifer Kleetus Bailey GTS Intercontinental Championship
8 Draiken Tommy Salami GTS Championship Even though Draiken pinned Tommy, who was the Hardcore Champion, Draiken didn't claim the Hardcore Title.

Immediately after the match, Lance Scaper pinned Tommy Salami to take back his Hardcore Title.

NOTE: Even though Stink was the Loser Belt Loser at the time, he didn't compete in the match.

2017 Edit

The match involved Ace Marxman, Hollywood Hooligan, Grim, Jay Evans, Jimmy Controversy, Kleetus Bailey, Kurt Bale, Lance Scaper, Malcom Moss, Ronnie Moses, Foxx Vinyer, Kennedi Copeland, Tommy Salami, Alexander Lasko, Alex Raze, Jordan Oliver and Ulfric Strongclaw as the participants.

Number Winner Pinned Championship Notes
1 Jay Evans Alexander Lasko HWC Championship
2 Kurt Bale GTS Championship
3 Kennedi Copeland Lance Scaper GTS Tag Team Championship
4 Grim Tommy Salami Loser Championship After Grim pinned Alex Raze giving him the Loser Championship.
5 Foxx Vinyer Kleetus Bailey GTS Tag Team Championship
6 Lance Scaper GTS Hardcore Championship
7 Hollywood Hooligan Brian Peters GTS United States Championship
8 Malcom Moss Ulfric Strongclaw GTS Ruthless Rumble Championship
9 Jordan Oliver Charlie Tiger GTS Intercontinental Championship
10 Tommy Salami Manny Martinez YouTube Wrestling Figures Heavyweight Championship