Burger King Hippo competed in GTS as a parody of the character 'King Hippo' from Nintendo's 'Punch Out' video game series, wearing a fake crown, red swim trunks and purple boxing gloves, in his debut match, he fought Duhop for the GTS Championship, he won the match by disqualification, so he didn't win the title.


As Burger King Hippo

Burger King Hippo's first pinfall loss came at the hands of Lance Scaper in a GTS Intercontinental Championship number #1 contender's match. He is now known as Sprinkles the Clown on SWF. On April 14, Monster's Asylum (With Sprinkles now wearing a mask rather than his facepaint) defeated Grim and El Jefe Rojo to become the SWF World Tag Team Championship for a second time. On April 29, at SWF Call 2 Arms Monster's Asylum was defeated by Crusade For Change (Anthony Gangone & TJ Marconi) for the SWF World Tag Team Championship, Later Monster's Asylum regained the SWF World Tag Team Championship by defeating Crusade For Change. He would randomly appear from then on most recently in the the gts regal rumble 2018 where he was the 2 entrant

In WrestlingEdit

  • Finishing Moves
    • Diving Splash
    • KO Punch (As Burger King Hippo)
    • Bubba Bomb (Full Nelson Bomb)
  • Signature Moves
    • Morbidly Obese Mode! (Stinger Splash)
    • Corner Frying Pan Chop, preceded by disgustingly licking his hand (Used as Sprinkles the Clown)
    • Samoan Drop (As Sprinkles the Clown)
    • Heart Punch
  • With Giant Leather
    • To The Island (Throw (Sprinkles) into Big Boot (Leather))

Championships & Accomplishments Edit


GTS Wrestling

  • GTS Championship (1 time)

Entrance Music Edit

Kevin MacLeod ~ Heart of the Beast

Kevin MacLeod ~ Heart of the Beast

GTS Wrestling - Burger King Hippo Theme Song

GTS Wrestling - Burger King Hippo Theme Song