The Animation Club is a professional wrestling stable that debuted on June 5, 2016 and disbanded on July 15, 2016.

Formation; Championship pursuits (2016) Edit

On June 5, 2016 DGDX Animation appeared with Tommy Salami, Pete Corvus and Max Frost and challenged Grim for his ring with Max Frost as the special guest referee which Grim won the match after the match Grim attacked all of Animation Club. On June 10, 2016 Max Frost defeated Duhop to win the GTS Wrestling Championship. On June 19. 2016 DGDX Animation pinned Pete Corvus to give him the GTS Loser Belt Losers. On July 8, 2016 Duhop defeated Max Frost to win the GTS Wrestling Championship but few second later he lost the belt to Pete Corvus who dropped the GTS Loser Belt Losers to Grim. On July 15, 2016 the group disbanded.

Members Edit

* Founding member
I First leader
Members Arrival Departure
DGDX Animation *I June 5, 2016 July 15, 2016
Max Frost * June 5, 2016 July 15, 2016
Pete Corvus * June 5, 2016 July 15, 2016
Tommy Salami * June 5, 2016 July 15, 2016

In wrestling Edit

Animation's finishing moves

  • Skull Crushing Finale (parodied from The Miz)

Corvus's finishing moves

  • Package piledriver
  • Running Elbow Smash/Running Forearm Smash
  • Canadian Destroyer

Frost's finishing moves

  • Frog Slash
  • Spear

Salami's finishing moves

  • Lard-KO (Jumping Cutter) parodied from Randy Orton
  • Butterball DDT (Double underhook DDT) parodied from Dean Ambrose

Championships and accomplishments Edit