Brandon the Bull is an American professional wrestler who currently wrestles for GTS Wrestling. Brandon The Bull is underrated by fans. However he still manages to kick everyone’s a**. Especially the haters writing bad things about him. Twitter-



Brandon the Bull made his debut at the 2017 Grimamania event, competing in the SuperPop Memorial Battle Royal, where he first eliminated TJ Blade, he also helped Grim and Tommy Salami to eliminate The Lunatic Ginge, he was also able to single handedly eliminate Vlad Drago, he and Grim were the final 2. He was eliminated by Grim after an assistance from the returning PITA Kid. Brandon said that he didn't mind Grim winning, as long as it was done fairly, he then challenged PITA Kid to a match. You might of recognized him from Grims Extreme rules vlog as the drunk Extreme rules Guy.

On April 16, Brandon the Bull made his return in the Easter Egg Hunt, where he won the GTS Championship Shot. On April 20, 2017 Brandon the Bull defeated Kleetus Bailey to win the GTS Championship.

In WrestlingEdit

  • Finishing Moves
    • Bulldozer (Seated Chokebomb)
  • Signature Moves
    • Bullfrog (Frog Splash)
    • KO Punch (Right-Handed Knockout Hook) - Parodied from Big Show
    • Running of the Bull
    • Running Senton
    • End Of Days

Championships & AccomplishmentsEdit

  • GTS Wrestling
  • UWA Elite
    • UWA Elite Champion (1 time)
    • UWA Elite iChampion (1 time) - Longest reigning UWA Elite iChampion (218 Days)
    • UWA Elite Iron Man Champion (1 time)
    • UWA Elite Tag Team Champion (2 times) - With Jon Rome - With King Tek
    • UWA Golden Ticket Winner (2015)
    • UWA Year End Awards (6 times)
      • UWA Wrestler of the Year Award (2017)
      • UWA Match of the Year Award (2017) - vs Bowes for the UWA Elite Iron Man Championship at Last Breath
    • UWA Feud of the Year Award (2014) - vs Dr John Bowes
    • UWA Most Improved Wrestler of the Year Award (2014)*
    • UWA OMG! Moment of the Year Award (2014, 2016) - Steel Chair Superplex with Dr John Bowes (2014), Freefalling off a ladder (2016)
    • UWA Elite New Blood Tournament Winner (2017, inaugural)
    • First UWA Elite Grand Slam Champion
    • Second UWA Elite Triple Crown Champion

*Brandon tied with Joey Adams

Entrance MusicEdit

GTS Wrestling - Brandon the Bull Theme Song-0

GTS Wrestling - Brandon the Bull Theme Song-0