AcePop are a tag team in GTS Wrestling, composed of Ace Marxman and Sodapop Smith.


On April 16, 2017, Grim hosted an Easter Egg Hunt with numerous eggs hidden throughout the yard with stuff inside them. Sodapop Smith found one of the eggs in the garbage with a shot at the GTS Tag Team Championships inside, Smith selected Ace Marxman as his partner for the match against The Manabros, however, Manabo's partner, Fake Manabo, no-showed due to a hair appointment, so the match was made a handicap match. Smith and Marxman were able to defeat Manabo and win the GTS Tag Team Championships.

In WrestlingEdit

  • Double-Team Finishing Moves
    • Bottle Cap (Smith) followed by a Spear (Ace)
  • Double-Team Signature Moves
    • TBA
  • Ace Marxman's Finishing Moves
    • Five Star Frog Splash (High-Angle Frog Splash, sometimes while turning position in mid-air) - Parodied from Rob Van Dam
  • Sodapop Smith's Finishing Moves
    • Bottle Cap (Double Knee Facebreaker) - Parodied from Chris Jericho
    • The Decaffinator (High-Angle Senton Bomb) - Parodied from Jeff Hardy

Championships & AccomplishmentsEdit